Brooklyn private independent school

Ways of Giving


Cash gifts provide income tax benefits if you itemize your deductions. Please address gifts to The Berkeley Carroll School, Development Office, 152 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217.


Paying by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Am Ex allows you to take advantage of rewards programs. You can make a credit card gift just by clicking on the Online Giving link.


You can spread your payments over several months, making it possible to give a more significant amount than might otherwise be possible. If you would like to make your payments over time, we would be happy to set up a monthly or quarterly recurring gift and charge your credit card. Just contact contact Pam Cunningham at 718-534-6580 (


Gifts of stocks, bonds or other appreciated securities offer two tax advantages to many donors. First, by contributing appreciated securities held for more than one year, you avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation. Second, you qualify for a charitable deduction on your income tax based on the value of the securities on the date you make a gift. To ensure a smooth transfer of stock, please follow these guidelines:

Notify Pam Cunningham, at 718-534-6580 or with the name of the stock that will be transferred, the number of shares, and the approximate date when you expect the transfer to be made.

If the stock is held in a brokerage account, please have your broker contact:

The Vanguard Group
DTC account #0062
Vanguard account #65428929


If your company has a matching gift program, this is a terrific way to increase the size of your gift. The donor receives full credit for the entire gift. For more information, click on this link.


Any gift can be made to honor a loved one, friend, teacher, or in recognition of a special occasion. Please specify in whose honor or memory your gift is being made, and let us know to whom we should send notification of your gift.