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The Robert D. Vitalo Fund for Growth and Innovation in Teaching

Smiling teacher at Berkeley Carroll School interacting with young students

This endowed fund honors Robert D. Vitalo, Berkeley Carroll’s Head of School from 2006-2019, and supports professional development opportunities for faculty. Formerly known as the Fund for Faculty, the fund recognizes Mr. Vitalo’s dedication to teachers and his commitment to excellence in teaching, making it possible for teachers to grow at every stage of their career.
A culture of sustained professional development directly benefits Berkeley Carroll’s students. This ethos and investment in teacher growth helps the school prepare students to be globally-minded, critical thinkers who can communicate effectively with the people in the world around them.

Cost of Professional Development

Berkeley Carroll’s investment in professional development has increased, but requests from faculty always exceed resources. When the school invests in education and training for teachers it is returned in the learning experiences and opportunities Berkeley Carroll offers students.