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The Fund for Global Education

Berkeley Carroll's Commitment to Global Education

"Getting our students out into the world is essential for their education and our existence. What they see, who they meet, and what they learn will shape what kind of leaders they become. The global vision that our students gain today will determine who we become in the future." - Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller, Head of School

Educating students for success has never been as crucial or as complex. Today, students must master not only content, but the skills they will need to succeed in a global, diverse, and technology driven world. Experiences outside of the classroom reinforce learning and give students the opportunity to discover their strengths and develop their talents.

Berkeley Carroll’s leadership and faculty have engaged in extensive deliberations to address the question, what does it mean to be an educated person in the 21st century? One of the commitments Berkeley Carroll has made based on these discussions is to place a strong emphasis on global citizenship and use travel as a means to foster an expanded awareness of global community. This commitment has two components: curriculum that helps students understand global dynamics and challenges, and travel experiences that give students the opportunity to build their skills and test theory in the real world.

The Future of Global Education at Berkeley Carroll

Among peer schools, Berkeley Carroll is considered a leader in global education initiatives. Our partnership with the World Leadership School has helped us move the program forward and refine its objectives. Guided by the goal of Berkeley Carroll’s mission statement to educate students who can think critically, ethically, and globally, the school has been thoughtful in its approach and has created a program that spans Berkeley Carroll’s three divisions. The next steps are to strengthen the links between divisions as students move through the school, expand faculty participation in the program, and find ways to meet Berkeley Carroll’s commitment that all interested students will be able to participate in a travel program. The goal -- a global education program where travel is an integral part of the Berkeley Carroll experience. The Fund For Global Education will ensure that Berkeley Carroll has the resources to make this goal a reality.

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