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Specialty Day Camps

Welcome to the Berkeley Carroll specialty camps! These unique programs offer children the opportunity to explore new subjects, cultivate existing interests, and develop lifelong skills. Each camp is devoted to a specific subject, from music to science, and studio arts to theater, to ensure the most in-depth, appropriate exposure to the topic possible. Berkeley Carroll specialty camps are two-week camps that offer engaging programming for students entering grades K-4. Each camp is geared towards a specific age group or groups, and class sizes are kept small to ensure personal attention and to maximize socialization and learning. Every group has a head counselor, an assistant counselor, and a specialty teacher.

Each specialty camp will have two groups with 10 campers maximum in each group in order to allow proper social distancing protocols. Campers will focus on their specialty of choice for about 2.5 hours of the day.

Outside of their specialty, all specialty camps are made up of some other core elements:

Visual Art

When not focusing on their specialty or playing games, campers are usually working with their counselors, to create art in many media, such as paints, cray-pas, clay, yarn, fabric, collage, and mosaics.

Physical Education

During the week, campers are encouraged to play actively through yard time and free play. Campers will have yard time once a day in one of our outdoor yards. Younger campers will enjoy the outdoors in our backyard playground while older campers utilize our rooftop playground. Aside from yard times, campers may also take trips to the park in order to get outside and encourage active play.


Swimming instruction takes place in our 75-foot long indoor pool. Campers have swimming sessions with time for professional instruction as well as recreational swim. Swim sessions are 30 minutes in duration, and typically take place 4-5 times a week.

Please Note: As of January 2021, we plan on offering swimming as part of our camp program; however, that may change depending on the development of the global pandemic. For the summer of 2021, although there may be some instruction, our swim sessions will be more free swim where students will play games in the pool that are led by qualified Water Safety Instructors.

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