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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages does the Creative Arts Program Serve?

CAP is open to students who will be entering grades 4-9 in the fall of 2019.

How many students participate in the program?

There are typically between 175 and 200 participants each summer.

Who is the program director?

The CAP director is Ryan Henneberry who serves as an English and History teacher at Berkeley Carroll, as well as the 8th Grade Dean. 2019 will be Ryan’s fifth year at CAP.

Who are the instructors?

The CAP faculty is comprised of Berkeley Carroll teachers, instructors from other schools in New York city, working artists, aquatics and athletics professionals, and energetic high school and college students, who serve as counselors in training. We are proud of our experienced, committed and diverse team, and are pleased to have the vast majority of our staff return summer after summer.

Where does the program take place?

CAP takes place at the Berkeley Carroll Upper and Middle School campus, located at 181 Lincoln Place in Park Slope. Swimming classes happen at BC’s Athletic Center on President Street, and some performing arts classes take place at Berkeley Carroll's Marlene Clary Performance Space at 152 Sterling Place.

What are the dates for CAP?

CAP Session 1 will run July 2 - 19, 2019 (No camp on July 4th).

CAP Session 2 will run July 22 - August 9, 2019

What hours does CAP run?

Drop-off begins at 8:45 am, and classes run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. CAP students can attend our extended day program from 7:45-8:45 am and 4:00-6:00 pm for an additional charge.

What is a typical day like?

Students participate in five fifty-minute courses each day for the duration of their time at CAP. Morning classes run from 9-12, and afternoon classes run from 2-4. Between twelve and two, students have lunch and recess, and attend our daily noontime performance series.

When will my child pick his/her classes?

Course registration will take place in April or May. Course assignments are done on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage families to sign up early. Students will learn their course schedule before the program starts, and will have an opportunity before the program to add or drop courses if they are not fully satisfied with their schedules. Once the program starts, students will not be able to add or drop classes.

Can you guarantee that my child will get his top choice classes?

While we do our best to make sure all participants get into their top choice courses, we do not make any guarantees. We can promise that we will work closely with all students to ensure they are happy with their schedule, and they have a great experience at CAP.

If my child comes by him/herself, will he/she be the only one without a friend? Will everyone else know someone?

No, definitely not. We have a good mix of Berkeley Carroll children, non-BC children, returning students, new students, neighborhood children, children from other parts of Brooklyn and the city, etc. Our faculty and counselors also make every effort to create a cohesive, integrated group, so all children feel welcome and included, regardless of whether they come to CAP with friends or by themselves.

Do you offer options for extended care?

Yes, we offer a morning session for extended day that runs from 7:45 - 8:45 am, and an afternoon session that runs from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm. It is not necessary for students to attend the full extended day session. Instead, families will be billed based on the time the student is present, rounded up to the nearest thirty-minute interval. For example, a student who is dropped off at 8:20 am will be charged for thirty minutes in the morning, and a child who is picked up at 4:55 will be charged for one hour in the afternoon.

Extended day care costs $15/hour, but we do offer discounted tuition for families who use the service more extensively. Here is a list of pricing (which reflects total usage for the whole summer, and not for each week):

0-10 hours: $15/hour
11-20 hours: $14/hour
21-30 hours: $13/hour
31-40 hours: $12/hour
41-50 hours: $11/hour
50+ hours: $10/hour

The prices listed above will only apply to families who pre-pay for extended day. Families who use the service on an as-needed basis will be charged $15/hour, and will be invoiced accordingly. Please only purchase the number of hours you are certain you will use, as we are not able to refund families who hours they do not end up needing.

Information about Extended Day will be sent out in late May/early June.

Is there a nurse on-site?

Yes, we have a full-time nurse working at the program to handle all medical situations. She will have carefully reviewed all health forms before the start of the summer, and might be in touch with families directly if she has any questions about their child’s medical history.

Other members of our staff also have advanced first-aid and CPR training, and are able to assist in a medical emergency.

Are you prepared to deal with students with serious allergies?

Yes, we have many students with serious allergies, and our staff receives training in how to identify anaphylaxis and how to use an epipen.

We ask that parents provide two epipens for CAP: one to be kept with the students at all times (including swim time and any outings) and one that can be kept with the nurse as back up. Please label these epipens with your child’s names, and please be sure they have not expired.

At Berkeley Carroll, we are a nut and seed free environment, and do not serve any nuts or seeds in the cafeteria. If students chose to bring a lunch or snack, we ask that those be nut and seed free as well.

Are parents ever invited to visit?

Yes, parents are welcome to attend Noontime performances if their child is performing, and all families are encouraged to attend Festival Day at the end of the program.

My child has a birthday while he/she is at CAP. Is it possible to do something special?

Our staff always acknowledges student birthdays during the daily Noontime performance. If there is something particular you would like to do to celebrate, though, you can contact the Program Director to make special requests.

How is lunch handled?

Students eat lunch at Berkeley Carroll’s dining hall each day. There are sandwiches, prepared salads, fruit, granola and yogurt available every day, and hot options twice a week.

What supplies or clothing should my child bring each day? Are they able to store items in lockers overnight?

Every student is assigned a locker, so they are welcome to leave items in their lockers overnight. All materials are provided for CAP classes, so there is no need to bring anything special on the first day. If your child participates in a swim class, they will need a swimsuit, towel, and flip flops. Goggles are optional. We will provide a swim cap.

Is there parking in front of the school if I want to drive to CAP?

There is only street parking in front of Berkeley Carroll, so the chances of finding a legal spot are slim, especially in the mornings. While many parents choose to double park while they drop off their child, we discourage this whenever possible, since the police frequently ticket on our block, and double parked cars can sometimes block traffic from getting through.

What are the closest subways to Berkeley Carroll?

The closest subway options are the B/Q at 7th Ave and the 2/3 at Grand Army Plaza station.

How can the CAP staff be contacted during the day? What sort of communication can I expect during the summer?

During the program, if you need to contact your child or the CAP office you can email or call the program director. Before the start of the program, we will send out contact details.

We will send home a Weekly Update on Fridays with notes from the CAP office and articles about CAP happenings. We will also send home information the week before CAP begins with first day information, and an email the week before Festival Day with information about the end of the program. If you have any questions in between, feel free to reach out.

What forms will you need?

We require a health form and a dismissal form, so we know who can pick up your child from CAP (or if your child can dismiss his/herself). The health form must be less than a year old, per Department of Health regulations. Your child may not attend CAP if he/she does not have a health form on file.

We will issue Berkeley Carroll summer program ID cards to all the people who have indicated can pick your child up from CAP. Please be sure to bring these IDs when you come to campus, as you will need to show the card in order to enter the school building. If anyone comes to campus without the Berkeley Carroll ID card, we will ask to see a photo ID to verify the identity of the person picking up your child.

I’m using my Flex Spending account to pay for camp. What is Berkeley Carroll’s EIN number?


What is your refund policy?

Berkeley Carroll will issue a full refund of tuition paid, minus a $25 processing fee, if notification of withdrawal is given in writing on or before May 1. After May 1, a 50% refund will be made if notification of withdrawal is given in writing. Starting on June 1, there will be no refunds.