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Courses and Activities

CAP participants create an individual schedule from over 70 courses in the visual arts, drama, music, dance, creative and nonfiction writing, computer, and athletics, including swimming. We invite all our students to choose courses that match their passions, as well as try something new!

Students take five courses throughout their time at CAP. Each course meets for approximately one hour per day, five days a week.

Participants first must register for the program, and then select their courses in the spring, typically in May or early June. Course registration takes place on a first-come, first-served basis, although our team makes every effort to ensure every participant is happy with his/her CAP schedule.

Below are the course listings for the 2022 season. Course enrollment will be sent to students who are enrolled into the program in early June.

Please note that all courses will be offered in both CAP Sessions unless noted otherwise. Students who enroll in both sessions will have an opportunity to take a different set of courses for each session.

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CAP Course Offerings

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Rocking out on guitar during noontime
Dancers show off their moves
Students enjoy a variety of course offerings, including digital arts