Brooklyn private independent school


Lunch Menu

Our lunch menu can be found at or downloading the FlikISDining app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


You can easily view your school menu each day. Flik's innovative and interactive site and mobile app make our school menus more convenient, informative and transparent than ever before!
Improvements include the ability to:

  • Instantly translate to 50+ languages
  • Highlight special dietary preferences, like vegan, vegetarian and gluten friendly items
  • Incorporate Flik’s sustainability icons, including Local, Sustainable Seafood, and Organic to showcase these specialties
  • Access menus from desktop, mobile, and/or Amazon Alexa
  • Improve customer experience with instant comment cards to managers from web or mobile app

Search FlikISDining on Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the lunch menu as an app.


Flik’s Healthy Foods Matter promotion is an annual wellness campaign featuring foods that are often under-consumed by our students and communities. This year, we will be highlighting various fruits in the dining hall, focusing on the colors they bring to the plate. Each month, a different color will be featured in the form of a fruit bar for students to explore and sample from. There is no better way to Taste the Rainbow! #PaintThePlate

Food Focus

Each year, the Food Focus promotion brings culinary trends from the food industry to our dining halls. This year, we are excited to explore the world of street foods. Street foods are traditionally ready-to-eat, handheld foods that are served from street vendors. These foods have grown in popularity and are expanding around the world. From the Bahn Mi of Vietnam to Dim Sum of China, students will have the opportunity to embark on a journey around the globe to discover their favorite food traditions. #FlikStreetFoods

Traveling Flavors

One of the best ways to explore a culture is through food. Traveling Flavors is Flik’s annual culinary promotion that introduces and educates students about different cuisines from around the world. This year, we are traveling through Italy to explore different pasta dishes. Using a bicycle, we will be visiting four regions of Italy – Abruzzo, Lombardy, Campania and Puglia. Each stop will feature a different pasta cuisine that students will be sure to love. Buon Appetito! #TravelingFlavors


Tastings are a fun opportunity for students to try something new in the dining hall. Each month, the Chef prepares a new recipe with flavors or ingredients that students may not be familiar with. Students are encouraged to take a small sample of the new food before deciding if they like or don’t like it. This year, we are featuring different Superfoods to show kids just how tasty nutritious foods can be. It’s a fun and healthy way to expand students’ palettes and build better menus at school! #Tastings

REVVED up recipes

Revved Up Recipes are popular, kid-friendly menu items that have been modified to increase their nutritional value. Developed by Chefs from Flik, each recipe is thoughtfully formulated with added fruits,
vegetables and whole grains to add fiber, vitamins and minerals without compromising flavor. The goal is not to hide these nutrient-dense ingredients from students, but to celebrate the value they add to their otherwise favorite meals. This year, we will be revisiting a few of our favorite Revved Up Recipes; Marinara, Mashed Potatoes, Sloppy Joe and Ranch Dressing! #RevvedRewind


Create Your Plate Healthy (CYPH) is a simple, numerical and color
guide to selecting complete and balanced meals. Items offered in the dining hall are labeled with a number(s) representing the food group(s) in which the item is categorized; group 1—fruits and/or vegetables; group 2—protein and/or dairy foods; and group 3—grains. Students are encouraged to choose a food from each number. By choosing foods from at least 3 of the 5 food groups, students will create a balanced, nutrient-rich meal.