Brooklyn private independent school

Class of 2020 Independent Research

18 members of the Class of 2020 presented their independent student research in the Spring. 8 students were in our Science Research and Design program and 10 were in our Senior Scholars program. Click a student's presentation title to go directly to it.

Science Research and Design

Bella S: Accuracy of Memory Recall and Formation of False Memories

Donald M: Difference in Growth Rate of Lettuce Plants

Hope S: The Significance of Dreams

Luca B: Screen Usage and Sleep Quantity

Phoebe D: The Effects of Music on Stress in Adolescents

Sophia S: Emotional Response to Fragrance Smell and Marketing

Zack A: Intelligent Computing

Zoe R: The Effect of Musical Training on Verbal Memory

Senior Scholars

Colette D: Hysterical Power: The Fox Sisters Elude the Patriarchy

Evelina L: Reading and Rebellion

Irene M: Universal Preschool Education in the US

Isabella R: The Rise of Soviet Avant-Garde in Vitebsk

Jake P: Uncle Sam's (Not So) Secret Superpower

Jordan H: Homophobia and Apartheid

Julian A: Resistance and Revolution: Poetry in the Trump Era

Renate B: LGBT+ Representation in Anime

Sarah C: The Relationship Between US Horse Racing and Slavery

Sierra M-C: The Creation, Implementation and Reform of American Indian Boarding Schools