Brooklyn private independent school

2020 Upper School Athletic Awards

The award ceremony below acknowledges all of the Upper School winners, but I wanted to take some space to leave a note for our Seniors, especially our Spring season athletes. The Class of 2020 is not ending the year attending the events they always imagined they would be enjoying. Our Spring Seniors have suffered the extra indignity of having their final high school seasons stolen from them. We feel for all of them.

Our Seniors will not be forgotten. While the saying on the Senior Athletic Gift was chosen long before a pandemic forced us into our current situation, its message at the moment is more crucial than ever. "Tradition Never Graduates" is not a phrase that I can claim I created.

I first used it in 2002 during the first season I ever coached, after finding it on a T-shirt used by the University of Florida baseball team. I have seen it used in various places by numerous schools over the years, and it has even appeared on some team gear at Berkeley Carroll. However, it seemed like the perfect phrase to add to an item for a Senior Athletic Gift because it's true message is one of family and continuity. Implied in the phrase is that people graduated but tradition does not. It is the people who are most important in creating that lasting tradition.

We want our Seniors to know that they will always have a home at Berkeley Carroll. We love them, we want the best of them, we want them to go on to bigger and better things.....but to always know that their mark is everlasting on the programs they left behind.

Each Senior has left a mark on their underclassman who looked up to them. They spent their time in their programs embodying the tenets of teamwork, sacrifice, and family. More important than talking about how to do things the right way, they demonstrated the right way. They led by actions. They set an example. We want them to know that everything positive that happens in their program after they are gone is a direct result of their hard work.

Each year, when Seniors return to connect with old friends and coaches, we want them to feel pride that they establish another level of excellence. Tradition Never Graduates....and Seniors are that tradition.

Best of luck to all and Go Lions!

Carmine Giovino, Director of Athletics