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Celebrating the Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020,

You’ve come a long way since September 7, 2016 when you first entered the Upper School as 9th graders. During this timeframe, the world has seen a lot of changes and so has Berkeley Carroll.

You’ve helped carry on some BC traditions (too many to mention!); you’ve started or elevated other ones (from BC Talks to Spirit Squad and pep rallies); and you’ve witnessed some new beginnings (Upper School Library, Sterling Place Performance Space, new Head of School). You’ve also stood side by side to help each other get through hardships.

You are a distinctive and wonderful class and have had such an impact on BC. Your presence and participation in our community has made each other and BC better.

All of you have made us so proud, not only over the past four years, but also over the last three months, which have tested your spirits and resiliency to an unprecedented degree. Over the past weeks, we have loved watching the science researchers and the senior scholars and the artists present their distinguished and personal work, as well as hearing from your teachers about how you have shown such character and determination.

You have accomplished so much, and we know you will accomplish so much in the future.

Only time will tell how history will view this pandemic, but you will always be the FAMOUS Class of 2020, the graduating class of this moment in history. Let this health crisis bring about positive change -- in our city, country, and world -- and let you, the Berkeley Carroll Class of 2020, be agents of that change!

We are so happy and proud to celebrate with you and your families as you graduate from BC at our first-ever remote graduation ceremony on June 8th and again in person in the hopefully not too distant future.

Best wishes,

Jane Moore, Upper School Director
Dr. Lisa Waller, Head of School
Amanda Finigan, 12th Grade Dean

Faculty Wishes

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