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Berkeley Carroll has a thriving visual and performing arts program in our Lower, Middle and Upper schools that includes drawing and painting, ceramics/sculpture, photography, film and video, choir, jazz ensemble, orchestra, wind ensemble, theater and much more.

Student work is highlighted in numerous performances and exhibitions throughout the year, such as the annual fourth grade play, music concerts, visual arts shows and Upper and Middle School plays and musicals.

Recent Events

MS Play: Sospechoso: or In Space No One Can Hear You Sus
Premieres May 11th at 7pm

Sospechoso: or In Space No One Can Hear You Sus is based on the popular game Among Us. This choose your own adventure play written by Sam Jay Gold in collaboration with the middle school theater department takes audiences on an imagined journey inside the popular game. Audiences choose which characters to follow through the story, and vote on who they think the imposter is. Watch different scenes each time for a total of 120 different viewable stories. 


US Winter Jazz and Orchestra Concert (Virtual)

During the past months of remote-only and hybrid learning, our student musicians and faculty have gone beyond their usual dedication to their craft, displaying extraordinary resourcefulness to rehearse and practice together -- remotely at home, together outdoors on NYC rooftops, as well as in person in our socially-distanced Performance Space at Sterling Place, as you’ll see in this mini-concert.


US Musical Cabaret: A Hint of Light
March 10-12 at 7pm

A digital musical cabaret featuring songs from musicals of the last 30 years.


MS Musical: The Show Must Go Online

When the Brushes With Greatness: The Dental Hygiene Musical is canceled, the entire drama program risks being lost forever. A group of spunky middle school students take to their computers to find a way to bring the show online. This playful musical by Jessica Penzias with music by Denver Casado and Lyrics by David Hudson is sure to leave a smile on your face!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. 

US Play: The Hope Project (Virtual)

A group of high school students conduct interviews with folx across a divided America in the months leading up to the election to gauge the temperature of a country in crises; searching for hope in these tumultuous times. In the tradition of such professional theatrical works as The Laramie ProjectFires in the Mirror, and The Exonerated, The Berkeley Carroll Theater Department brings you a new collaboration with playwright and artivist Daniel K. Isaac.


Past Arts Events