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Arts Events

Berkeley Carroll has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the visual and performing arts. Students can explore the arts through classes, student clubs and co-curricular options after school and during the school day. (Learn more about the arts curriculum at our Lower School, Middle School and Upper School.)
Music, theatre, dance, visual arts and speech and debate events provide students with opportunities to showcase and put into practice what they've been learning throughout the year. View the performance calendar and the media gallery of past shows and concerts.


The Upper and Middle Schools present a drama and a musical production every year. Students are encouraged to audition and participate in all facets of the production including acting, dance, singing, and theater tech.  Our theater program has won recognition from the International Thespian Society, with more than 30 students inducted in 2023. Upcoming shows.


To complement the comprehensive music education they receive as part of our school-wide curriculum,  students enjoy opportunities to perform instrumental and choral concerts at the Sterling Place Performance Space and our Athletic Center throughout the year. Repertoire includes classical orchestra works to jazz pieces to contemporary music.


Dance education is an important part of our Arts program. Lower School students take dance classes and perform in grade level concerts. Middle and Upper School students can choose to audition and perform at our year-end evening Dance Concerts at the Sterling Place Performance Space, which feature a wide range of dance styles.

Visual Arts

Students in all grade levels are invited to participate in an array of visual arts events at Berkeley Carroll, such as our Annual Art Show at Lincoln Place, as well as local, regional and national shows and competitions.  Visiting artists-in-residence also often create exhibits and works on campus with students .

Speech and Debate

Berkeley Carroll has a long-standing tradition of excellence in speech and debate. Students successfully compete with other schools every year at the local, regional and national levels. Learn more