Brooklyn private independent school

Student Life

At Berkeley Carroll, we encourage students to stretch themselves, try new things, discover their passions and develop their voices through academics, the arts, athletics and student life.

Our appreciation for innovation and discovery creates a supportive school environment where learning is both challenging and fun. Inquisitiveness and intellectual risk taking is encouraged and supported as students begin to make sense of their place in the world. Students in every grade have opportunities and events where they can lead, learn, achieve, work in teams, get involved and serve their community while developing and exploring their interests. They can also develop their voice through leadership opportunities.

Our Speech and Debate team competes all over the country and students consistently place among the top finishers in competitions. With plays and musicals for each division, students have the ability to find a passion for the theater both on and backstage. With over 20 middle school electives and over 30 upper school extracurriculars, students have the ability to get involved in school outside the classroom.


Fast Facts About Student Life - The Berkeley Carroll