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Parents, there is a lot of valuable information on the Parent Download pages, including the Student & Family Handbook. Click on your child's division:

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The Student Family Handbook is intended as a general guide for families to the policies, procedures and personnel at the Berkeley Carroll School. In addition to sections for each division of the school (Lower, Middle and Upper Schools), the handbook has an ”All-School Information" chapter with information on many subjects including: Statement of Respect, Inclusion at Berkeley Carroll.Non-Discrimination Policy, Required Forms,Student Health & Safety (School Nurses and Medication Administration, Psychological Emergency, Concussion Policy, Protocols for Injuries and Participation in Athletics and Physical Education, Medical Leave Policy, Reinforcing Good Hygiene, Contagious Diseases, Head Lice, Food Allergy Policy, Accident Insurance, Visitors to School, Bicycles, Skateboards and Scooters, Emergency School Closings, Student IDs, Emergency Procedure Information for Parents/Guardians, Fire Drills & Evacuations, Attendance, Class Trips, Sexual Abuse and Misconduct, Student Services & Support (Tutoring, Accommodations, Learning Support Services, Summer Assignment, Textbook Policy); Community Expectations (Standard of Conduct, Policy on Hate Speech & Biased Behavior, Harassment or Abuse, Bullying, or Hazing, Sexual Misconduct, Stalking, Unauthorized Photos and Videos, Rating or Ranking People, Violence or Threats to Others, Retaliation, Substance Use and Abuse, Academic Dishonesty, Dangerous Objects/Weapons, Reporting Violations of the Standards of Conduct, Community Accountability); Discipline (Disciplinary Process, Dismissal, Interim Measures, Authority to Search & Seize Property, Non-Disciplinary Interventions and Referrals); Technology Policies (Acceptable Use, Digital Citizenship, Proper Network Use, Inappropriate Content and Language, Email Usage, Protecting School and Personal Information, Personal Device Rules, Social Media, Student Data and Privacy, Policy Violations, Liability, Student Data and Privacy, Applications Used by Students); Family-School Partnerships (Veracross Parent Portal, The Parent Association, Student-Family Directory, Email Service, School Calendar, Parent/Guardian Evenings, Parent Conferences, Fundraising Policy, Gift Policy, Tuition & Payment Policy, Financial Aid, Website) .