Brooklyn private independent school

Header/Footer Instructions

Link Lists and Other Information

NOTE: Although you can click into the header and footer to edit them on a page, it can be very difficult to see and edit the elements there. Instead, you can go out of Pages and into Banners. There, the banners are displayed without the site's CSS, so nothing interferes with you editing the elements. However, for your convenience, most of the links are built as sections of linked pages, so you shouldn't have to go into the header/footer very much at all.

Under the page branch "Navigation Helpers," you can see the lists of links that exist in the header and footer:

  • Header Quicklinks: quicklinks dropdown in the header
  • Header Constituents: other links in the header besides Quicklinks (they don't technically have to be constituent links - you have full control to edit them)
  • Footer Quicklinks: the links below the contact/location information and above the social links and SEO footer
  • Footer Social Links: each is linked to the appropriate icon. To show/hide an icon, simply hide/unhide that page from navigation elements (Page Settings > Hide from Navigation Elements checkbox).

To edit these links, which are managed as sections of Linked Pages, go into each page's settings (pink gear icon in bottom right):
-change the page's name to change the display name of the link
-change the link in the "Linked" tab to change where the link goes
(See screenshots to the right)

The other information in the footer can be edited in the corresponding Content Elements in "default footer."

Mega-Nav Instructions

To edit the information and photos that appear in the main menu dropdown,

  1. Go to the top-level page in question (About, Admissions, etc...).
  2. Click into the Page Settings and go to the Nav Info tab
  3. Here, you can select and swap out the images (160x160) and change out the text.
  4. You'll want to keep the formatting in that space the same. It's a two-item bulleted list with each bullet containing an image, an H1 title, and a few words of text.