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Berkeley Carroll promotes lifetime fitness, sportsmanship, leadership and responsibility.

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Middle and Upper School students play on 39 teams over three seasons.

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Page Hero Slideshow Instructions

To edit this:

  1. Go into the Banners area of Composer and select “athletics top”
  2. Scroll to the bottom, to the “slideshow container”
  3. Each slide exists as a Media element within that Container. You can add or remove slides by adding or deleting those Media Elements.
  4. To add a slide, copy an existing slide (hover over the element and click the “copy” button (next to the “delete” and “settings” buttons)
  5. Add a copy of that element into the slideshow container in the order you’d like it to appear in the rotation
  6. Go into Element Settings (hover over the element and click the gear icon).
  7. Select a new slideshow from which to pull the images for this slide
  8. Still in the element settings, go into Design > Header Content to edit the message and button link for that slide.
  9. Make sure to save and publish the banner to make the changes live.

To add images for each athletics page hero slide:

  1. Open your Media Manager module
  2. In the Media tab, Navigate to the Athletics Channel and then to the Page Hero folder
  3. You’ll add a slideshow here for each slide in the rotation. Here are the recommended image dimensions, in order

584 x 490 (top left)
442 x 490 (center)
450 x 245 (top right)
450 x 245 (bottom right)

*Please remember to center your subjects as some cropping will occur responsively. Each recommended image size is based on the largest size each image will render responsively.


Upcoming Games and Scoreboard Instructions

These elements are fairly straightforward and you likely won't have to edit them much if at all. You can hover over the elements to access their settings (gear icon), like which teams to pull info for. The Full Schedule and All Results links are editable in each element's Settings > Design > Footer Content.

Upcoming Games

There are no events to display


Cross Country (Varsity)
Soccer Boys (JV)
Soccer Boys (Varsity)
Soccer Girls (Varsity)
Volleyball Girls (Varsity)