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Diversity & Inclusion at Berkeley Carroll

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When we ask students and parents what they value most about Berkeley Carroll, at the top of the list is the sense of community at our diverse school. In joining Berkeley Carroll's diverse school, students and parents become connected with one another in ways that are academically stimulating, socially satisfying, and spiritually energizing.

With that knowledge, in 2014 we took time to look more closely at how our community comes together, what influences participation, and how we can continue to build on our many strengths. All year long there have been deep and wide-ranging discussions about diversity, class, race and ethnicity by the faculty in each of our divisions and also in the Parent Association. While we are proud of our school's efforts, and in many ways BC can serve as a role model for other independent schools, it is the BC way to always want to do better.

It is with that idea in mind that in Spring of 2014, we were proud to announce that the school has established a new leadership position, Director of Community and Inclusion, and hired Brandie Melendez for this important appointment. The Director is responsible for building inclusiveness in the school and working with teachers, administrators, trustees, families and students to insure that all members of the school community have a complete and satisfying experience. Brandie can be reached at

Diversity Mission Statement

As an inclusive community, Berkeley Carroll honors the dignity of all people. In our culture and our program, we embrace and respect differences.These include age, ethnicity, family structure, gender, learning style, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class.

We believe in teaching and learning about these issues, even when the conversations are difficult. Our commitment to diversity is one expression of the mission of our school. We want to help students understand the complexity of a constantly changing world. The confidence and ability to engage respectfully with others is a signature of a Berkeley Carroll education.