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Date: May 12th

Facilitated by Sean Lare of the Transgender Training Institute

As more young people come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and non-binary, it is essential that parents, caregivers, and families be knowledgeable about and prepared to meet the needs of these youth. In particular, by proactively working to create a transgender inclusive and affirming environment, Berkeley Carroll and other schools can help decrease the stigma, isolation, and rejection-and the related negative outcomes- experienced by many transgender and non-binary children at non-supportive schools. This 90- minute session offers parents and caregivers a basic introduction to affirm LGBQ & transgender and non-binary-related terminology and identities, current information about the needs of transgender and non-binary children and youth, and action steps for meeting these needs and affirming transgender and non-binary young folks.