Brooklyn private independent school

BConnects: Middle School

When we began exploring ways to support learning and build connections as we educate and engage your children during this new chapter of the middle school, our faculty discovered there were many aspects and options to consider.

The question at the core of our decision making, as always, has been: What is best for our students? Relationships and connection are fundamental to our practice and important aspects of how we will move forward during remote school. We are determined to foster laughter and good humor!

Our four tenets (read more):
Flexibility is key and our curriculum will have to be iterative
Your feedback is essential; please complete our surveys
Eschew perfectionism
Practice self-kindness

This page will be updated in the coming days with descriptions of fall 2020 remote schedules for middle school, and features that build on our experiences with remote learning in the spring and informed by professional development undertaken by faculty over the summer.