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Communications Archive

Links to school-wide and division-wide email communications about our 20-21 school reopening plan can be found on this page. Parents can also always access all communications sent by the school, including emails from teachers and grade deans, by logging onto the Veracross parent portal.  (Other parent resources: the Parents main page of this website and the BC parent Tech Wiki).

School-wide Letters

Date Sent Subject Line sent by
2/2/21 Update: Reduced Quarantine & Breaks Through Spring Break Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller
1/8/21 Update on On-Campus Instruction for Early 2021 Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller
12/11/20 Important Info & Deadlines for Post-Winter Break COVID-19 Testing BC Health Team
12/7/20 Post-Winter Break Schedule Planning Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller
11/30/20 Update on On-Campus Instruction Leading Up to Winter Break Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller
11/13/20 Update re: Continuation of In-Person Learning Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller
11/11/20 Rearticulation of BC Travel Advisory BC Health Team
10/22/20 January Schedule & Travel Advisory Reminder Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller
10/14/20 Antiracism and Anti-Bias Update Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller
10/1/20 Pool Testing for COVID-19 Brandon Clarke
9/22/20 Update on the Reopening of Campus Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller
8/19/20 2020-21 Health Guidelines and Facilities Use Berkeley Carroll School
8/9/20 August Dates for Picking Up Student Possessions From Last Semester Anne Fenton
8/3/20 Important Update on the Fall Reopening Plan Berkeley Carroll School
7/20/20 Hello From Rahmel Huffman: Director of Athletics Rahmel Huffman
7/17/20 New Survey: Returning to Campus in September and Remote Learning Brandon Clarke
7/8/20 Preliminary Info About Our Fall Schedules Berkeley Carroll School
7/7/20 Message from Chad Ruble, Chair of Board of Trustees, on the Upcoming School Year Berkeley Carroll School
7/7/20 Thank You and Farewell from Joe Polizzotto Berkeley Carroll School
7/3/20 Message from Dr. Lisa Waller: Next Steps in BC's Anti-Racist Work Berkeley Carroll School


Lower School Letters

Date Sent Subject Line sent by
8/7/20 Details on the Remote Start for Grades 1 - 4 Amanda Pike
8/6/20 Details on Remote Start for Kindergarten Amanda Pike
8/5/20 Details on the Remote Start for PreK Amanda Pike


Middle School Letters

Date Sent Subject Line sent by
8/10/20 Middle School Remote Start Information Yabome Kabia


Upper School Letters

Date Sent Subject Line sent by
8/10/20 Upper School Remote Start Details Jane Moore
8/10/20 9th Grade Family Letter Jane Moore