The Berkeley Carroll School

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Berkeley Carroll promotes lifetime fitness, sportsmanship, leadership and responsibility.

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Middle and Upper School students play on 39 teams over three seasons.

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Athletics Program Overview

The athletics program at Berkeley Carroll promotes lifetime fitness, sportsmanship, leadership, and a sense of responsibility. By becoming a member of a team, student-athletes develop discipline and focus. They grow in self-understanding, feel joy in their activities, and develop an appreciation for competition and teamwork. The athletic abilities and personal growth skills our student athletes develop follow them into college and adulthood and serve them for a lifetime.

Our athletic facilities include a four-lane, 75-foot swimming pool, two full-size gyms, a mezzanine area for fitness and strength-training, and two play yards.

Lower and Middle School students participate in intramural and after school sports programs, including tennis, fencing, swimming, soccer, judo, bowling, and gymnastics. Every effort is made to ensure playing time and the appreciation of individual effort, regardless of developing skill level.

Interscholastic sports competition begins in 7th grade, with the school fielding close to 40 teams in volleyball, soccer, cross country, basketball, track and field, baseball and softball. While continuing to emphasize participation, enjoyment, and instruction, interscholastic contests are scheduled with peer institutions (Saint Ann's, Packer Collegiate, Poly Prep, Collegiate, Brooklyn Friends, UNIS among others), allowing development of teamwork, healthy competition and sportsmanship.

Get the Latest Info with Email & Text Alerts

Parents and student-athletes are encouraged to register and subscribe to this feature, so you receive a text or email alert whenever a change is made to a team’s schedule. Note: while you must have an email address to register for this feature, you can elect to only receive text alerts.

Text alerts are subject to a delay based on your phone company service. (Parents have reported up to a 30-minute delay, but your experience may vary). For the most current information, it is always best to check the online schedules.

You may also subscribe to a team's iCal schedule, which can be imported directly to your computer or cell phone and will update as changes are made on the BC website. Please note: iCal often takes up to 24 hours to sync changes to your calendar.