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Weekly Athletic Update–Upper School (4/24/20)

Hello Berkeley Carroll Community,

I hope this note finds you all as well as can be both physically and mentally in this unfortunate time. I wanted to update you on our endeavor of Remote Athletics. The tenets of our athletic program - teamwork, sacrifice, character - are more important now than ever. Our coaches have missed their student athletes, and our student athletes want to connect with their coaches and each other.

Varsity Coaches have used a variety of platforms to provide their teams with workouts each week. These workouts - some general and some sport specific - are designed to engage our athletes from a full body perspective, while also keeping them sharp in their given sport.

Varsity Coaches are also holding weekly full team get-togethers and offering time for one-on-one digital meet-ups with their players. These get-togethers help keep the social bonds that develop among teammates in place.

In the Berkeley Carroll Athletic Department, we are committed to caring for one another both physically and mentally.

We currently have two department members offering specialty classes for our athletes. Head Coach Lily Adler is leading Yoga twice a week and Athletic Trainer Becky Schwartzman is leading a strength and conditioning class once a week.

As we move through April and May together, we hope to build on each of these aspects.

In addition, the Berkeley Carroll Athletics Instagram (@berkeleycarrollathletics) has begun to display content to honor our Spring Seniors. Each Spring Varsity team is constructing a video that highlights the personalities and accomplishments of the Seniors in their program. The first of those videos was completed by Coach Adler and Varsity Track.

Follow us to see the rest of our Varsity Sports and much more throughout the Spring.

The Berkeley Carroll athletic program is wishing you all the best and is here for you if you need us.

Speaking for many,
Carmine Giovino, Director of Athletics