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Fall 2020 Preseason Info

Dear Members of the Berkeley Carroll Community,

One of the components of a successful Fall season is participation in the preseason program. Practice for Fall teams in the summer of 2020 will begin on Monday, August 24th. The first contests for all of our Upper School soccer and volleyball teams are scheduled for Friday, September 11th. Cross Country has a bit more leeway–their first meet is Wednesday, September 16th.

Cross country and soccer athletes must attend 10 practices within the preseason time-frame in order to be eligible to compete. Volleyball athletes must attend 8. This is a New York State requirement, and for the health and safety of our athletes, Berkeley Carroll cannot be flexible on these numbers.

More importantly, attending preseason has a direct relationship to the success of the regular season. Athletes are more prepared to play when the season starts, teams operate more cohesively, and the goal of being competitive is more easily met. Additionally, young athletes’ bodies need to be properly conditioned to undergo the demands of the compact Fall season. Attending preseason helps lessen the risk of injury.

Perhaps most importantly, attending preseason sends a message that players are committed to their team and their peer student athletes. This is an important part of the athletic experience.

Due to the importance of athletic preseason, Berkeley Carroll will prioritize students who attend preseason when forming Upper School teams. If a sport fills out a roster at the end of August, that roster will be capped. Additionally, if it is possible for an athlete to join a team in September because a roster still has room, priority in practice and playing time will initially be given to those athletes who attended preseason. Late joiners will have to meet the minimum practice requirement, which can only be counted based on non-game days, before they can compete in a contest.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see many of you at games this fall and spring.

Carmine Giovino
Director of Athletics
The Berkeley Carroll School