Brooklyn private independent school

My BC Experience

At Berkeley Carroll, a student's passion for learning often encompasses diverse interests. On this page, you'll hear students talk about what inspires them. They discover and pursue subjects in depth, as far as their interest and skill level allow them to go.

9th Grade

In the Upper School, students progress from foundational courses to more options and electives at each grade level. Ninth graders take the same English, history, and computer science courses; their science, language and math classes are based on their skill level. They also get to choose two different arts classes.

Joe appreciates having a 9th grade English class that incorporates history and getting to follow his passions for math and music with two performing arts classes.


Daniel finds a new passion for computer programming, expresses himself through acting and photography, and enjoys being part of two sports teams.

Zoe enjoys the ability to be able to take two world languages as a 9th grader, learning how the world works in her science class, and taking visual arts and performing arts classes.

Noa loves the world that 9th graders discover in Modern World History, competing with a close-knit team with volleyball, and meeting students from other grades in her co-curricular.

10th Grade

As tenth graders, students can choose two, semester-long courses in English and History, as well as taking math by ability level and choosing arts and science classes.

Aniesha enjoys advanced calculus and the freedom to pursue math at her ability level, exploring design work, and participating on sports teams (swimming, cross country, softball) every season.


Harry has a passion for science and performing arts and takes two classes for each subject, as well as taking an advanced Spanish class.

Moya loves the freedom of choice she has for her English and history classes in the 10th grade and indulges her passion for journalism as a writer for the Upper School student newspaper.


Kai takes two science classes, chemistry and Science Research & Design, and two instrumental music classes while continuing his pursuit of computer programming.

11th Grade

As eleventh graders, all students take a year long joint history and English course called American Studies. They also have more freedom in the other subjects they can take.

Sol Rey enjoys the project-based learning of his engineering class and follows his passions of playing cello in the orchestra and computer science.


Emily talks about her love of languages and global cultures, the joy of American Studies, a required 11th grade joint English and history class, and the advantage of pursuing math by her ability level.

Nicole pursues both visual and performing arts, shares her study and love for world languages, and enjoys participating and connecting with other students in BC’s affinity groups.


Julian designed his schedule around his interest in literature, which includes adding a 12th-grade level English class. He also enjoys his bioethics science class and being on the cross country team.

12th Grade

As twelfth graders, students choose two, semester-long English and history electives, and from there can take multiple classes in subjects that interest them like science, math, languages, and the arts.

Charlie enjoys taking two math classes (multi-variable calculus and statistics) and two science classes (2nd year physics and Science Research and Design). He also started a BC club based on his love of chess.

Maddie appreciates the freedom of choosing her two history electives, takes two advanced science courses to practice her ongoing affinity for the subject, and shares the joy of being on an athletic team.

Mosab enjoys 2 history courses that delve into African American history and how socio-economic climate and oppression have historically impacted music. He also participates in speech & debate and 2 other visual and performing arts classes.