Brooklyn private independent school

Sorah '21

Joined BC in...

Grade 6 from P.S. 29


Asian American Alliance, Girls Varsity Soccer, Movie Club, Speech and Debate

Favorite Classes

History (Cultures of the Caribbean), English (Teenage Riot)

Why I Chose BC

I chose to attend BC because of the welcoming and mindful community it offered. I joined BC in middle school, and was especially interested in the 6th grade humanities course exploring dignity and societal systems. BC fosters a curious and open-minded environment that I thought would help me grow as a student.

My BC is...

considerate. I never imagined to be part of a school that appreciated and adapted to student input so much. I am incredibly grateful for the ways in which I can make BC my own and how I can leave my mark on the community. I think BC takes time to make sure all student voices are heard and advocated for.