Brooklyn private independent school

Serena '21

Joined BC in...

Grade 9 from City and Country School


Co-leader of Movie Club, Jewish Culture Club, Joint Alliance for Diversity Awareness (JADA), Student Ambassador, BC Theater, Tennis

Specialized Academic Programs

World Leadership School (Tanzania)

Favorite Classes

English, History (Modern Middle East), Ceramics

Why I Chose BC

When I visited I could tell how close the whole community was, and how much the students enjoyed being at school. I thought it was a really good size as well, especially coming from a small school. I could also tell that the students felt independent, being able to pick classes and clubs, but also supported.

My BC is...

supportive. Everyone, teachers and students, have been encouraging me to do my best since 9th grade. Everyone wants to see each other do well, not just academically, and everyone is really always there for each other. BC has created an environment that allows students to feel comfortable reaching out to each other and to teachers.