Brooklyn private independent school

Ruby '21

Joined BC in...

Grade 9 from Village Community School


Basketball, Volleyball, Co-leader of Art Squad, Strength in Numbers, Friends with Mikey, Speech and Debate

Specialized Academic Programs

World Leadership School (Tanzania)

Favorite Classes

English (Teenage Riot), Art

Why I Chose BC

I chose BC because when I was going on high school revisits, the students and staff here immediately made me feel like I already belonged. I knew BC was the place I would be excited to go to everyday.

My BC is...

full of opportunity. The experiences offered here are incredible—going to Tanzania and living with a family there, is such a special memory that wouldn't exist without Berkeley Carroll. Within the school, the opportunity to choose the classes we take, explore our interests deeply, and discover new areas of intrigue ultimately cultivates a community driven by curiosity and passion.