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Sydney ‘25
Joined BC in...
Pre-K 4
Activities and Programs:
Girls Varsity Tennis
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Science, Research, and Design
Jewish Culture Club 
Strength in Numbers
Favorite Classes:
Voice and Style, History, Spanish, and Art
Why I Chose BC:
Since my journey here began at the young age of four, the decision to attend Berkeley Carroll wasn't necessarily in my own hands. However, reflecting on my experience growing up within the walls of BC, I truly wouldn't change a thing. I still have the most vivid memories in my pre-K classroom, where I was surrounded by the most positive, loving, and accepting environment I could've asked for. While my pre-K peers and I may be older now, and our classes more rigorous, BC has remained the same warm and supportive atmosphere it always was at its core.
My BC is…innovative.
Whether it be through advancements in technology and research or implementing more inclusive learning environments, BC is constantly seeking new and unique ways it can adapt to best support every member of its community. The school fosters an atmosphere of forward-thinking, where we are encouraged to explore new ideas, as well as to challenge existing ones. Berkeley Carroll truly embraces innovation as a way to inspire our personal and academic growth and push boundaries as a student body.