Brooklyn private independent school

Tour Guide Profile

Sydney ‘23

Joined BC in…

8th grade from the Hewitt School

Activities and Programs:

Volleyball Team Basketball
Team Tennis
Team Spirit Squad
Investment Club
Co-chair of the Honor Council
Black Student Union
Black Human Girl
Girls Learning Advanced Math (GLAM)
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Favorite Classes:

Advanced Chemistry I & II, Ceramics, Dance Repertory, Africa and the West, Voice and Style, Harlem Renaissance & Its Discontents, Spanish, Myths & Legends, French

Why I Chose BC:

I chose to attend BC because of the sense of belonging here. Whenever I enter 181 I automatically feel comforted because of the amiable and lively community Berkeley Carroll fosters.

My BC is...

home. After experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic that abruptly interrupted my second year here, I never thought I could miss a place so much. BC has afforded me some of the greatest friendships and relationships I could ask for and is a place where I can confide in and get support from my teachers. Berkeley Carroll offers a variety of classes that both challenge and allow me to excel, and numerous opportunities to attend affinity groups. I can be a year-round athlete, go to school abroad, and be chairman of Berkeley Carroll’s Honor Council to maintain the schools’ rules around academic integrity. In a nutshell, I love Berkeley Carroll!