Brooklyn private independent school

Maggie '21

Joined BC in...

Pre-K 3


Volleyball, Softball, Speech and Debate, Movie Club, Joint Alliance for Diversity Awareness (JADA)

Specialized Academic Programs

Science Research and Design

Favorite Classes

History, Science

Why I Chose BC

While I originally came to Berkeley Carroll as a toddler, I chose to stay here because of the culture of community and commitment to curiosity this school demonstrates every day. As a small school, the personal connections at Berkeley Carroll (whether with fellow students or faculty members) provide support and encouragement for everyone — we succeed together more than we succeed apart. This community allows me, and all students, to be curious without a fear of failure holding back from exploring difficult and challenging questions.

My BC is...

conversation. Whether the discussions we had in history about what it means to find your home, the debates we had in Spanish about what constitutes a hero, or the school-wide dialogue over problem-solving issues of injustice outside the walls of our community, Berkeley Carroll, to me, is an on-going conversation in which the students take ownership over their learning. I’ve become a better listener, a better thinker, and a better debater through this dialogue. This continuous conversation has helped me ask better questions.