Brooklyn private independent school

Luke '22

Joined BC in...

5th grade coming from PS 321

Activities and Programs:

Student Representative, Costa Rica and the US South, Philosophy Club, Student Ambassador/Greeter

Favorite Classes:


Why I Chose BC:

I chose to attend Berkeley Carroll to be both challenged academically and personally. Berkeley Carroll goes beyond the 'normal' realm of education and pushes us as students to develop, embrace, and learn our own unique identities. Berkeley Carroll is an excellent school, but I chose BC because of its long held community-oriented values and world-oriented way of thinking.

My BC is...

large. Despite the seemingly small grade size, the Berkeley Carroll community stretches far and wide. Our campuses are spread all over Park Slope and our out-to-lunch option connects our community with local stores and restaurants in the neighborhood. Berkeley Carroll spreads all the way from Brooklyn, NY to Tanzania and Italy where we have programs and friends that know us and work with us regularly. BC relies on connections with Alumni and staff members' experiences in order to provide us opportunities and speaker events that explore new ways of thinking and learning. The Berkeley Carroll community web is infinite and goes just about everywhere, from activists to NYT best selling Authors all the way to fashion designers.