Brooklyn private independent school

Luke '21

Joined BC in...

Grade 9 from the Town School


Varsity Soccer, Speech and Debate, Theatre

Specialized Academic Programs

Science Research and Design

Favorite Classes

Biology, Chemistry, Science Research and Design, Speech and Debate

Why I Chose BC

I chose to attend BC because I saw a true tight-knit community where I could be involved and excel in the many interests and passions that I have. Additionally, I saw this amazing notion of choice and freedom within my high school career at BC. Whether it is choosing your English-History electives in 10th and 12th grade, having the freedom to choose your sciences, Spring Intensives, and co-curriculars, it was clear that I would be able to discover myself more as a person and truly express my many passions with the amount of choice that BC offers.

My BC is...

eclectic. I was worried coming into high school that I wouldn’t be able to be a high-level soccer player while also being able to participate in my passion of theatre. I was scared how the community would receive me as a person with interests that are rather on the opposite sides of the spectrum. However, when I got here, I was immediately propelled into doing the things that I love by being a freshman on the Varsity Soccer Team while also being in the musical and two other shows that year. I was able to do that very same thing this year as well. BC has allowed me to excel in all that I love to do and truly take advantage of the amazing programs BC has to offer. It’s offering of an eclectic mix of courses and programs allows my classmates and I to do what we’re passionate about and discover new things about ourselves.