Brooklyn private independent school

Kemi '22

Joined BC in...

Grade 9 from Tag School for Young Scholars

Activities and Programs:

Science Research and Design, The Blotter, Honor Council Grade Representative, Dance Repertory, Varsity Track, Art Squad

Favorite Classes:

Spanish, Mandarin, English (Nigerian Postcolonial Literature, Voice & Style), Science Research and Design

Why I Chose BC:

I chose BC because of its warmth. When I first stepped onto the campus, I was immediately met with hospitality and kindness—it gave off a first impression that made me feel safe and at home.

My BC is...

empowering. When I decided to come to BC, I was fascinated by all the programs and opportunities the school had to offer. If someone were to tell me that I would end up taking two languages and partaking in an Advanced Science Research program a few years ago, I wouldn't believe them. Now that I am a part of the BC community, I am eagerly taking advantage of the academic freedom our school grants its students, learning something new every day.