Brooklyn private independent school

Jonathan '21

Joined BC in...

Grade 9 from MACADEMY School of Science and Technology


Junior Varsity Soccer, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Volleyball, Investment Club, Young Men of Color Affinity Group, Speech and Debate Team

Favorite Classes

Cultures of the Caribbean, Advanced Chem, Teenage Riot, Nigerian Postcolonial Literature, and Modern Middle East

Why I Chose BC

During one of my first visits to BC on an "Incoming Students" event, I met Mr. Rubin and Mr. Clarke, and we immediately began to discuss the robust science curriculum that BC offered. I fell in love with the rendering images of the Beta Lab, and was amazed by the variety of science courses I could take during my 4 years at BC. Not to mention, the warmth I felt when I met Admissions staff like Ms. P and Ms. Brown made me feel as though I had found a new home.

My BC is...

ingenious. Courses and co-curriculars that I've taken such as Advanced Chemistry, Design Foundations, and Investment Club have taught me that being a "global, ethical, and critical thinker" requires creativity, and a will to be a creator rather than a consumer. I appreciate that BC gives us the freedom to explore a plethora of subject matter, and utilize what we've learned to create our own unique experiences, whether that takes the form of my friends and me starting our own sneaker business, or me wanting to explore neuroscience as a career path.