Brooklyn private independent school

Joan '21

Joined BC in...


Activities and Programs:

Girls Varsity Tennis, Girls Who Code (co-leader), Urbs Aeterna (Rome trip), Senior Scholars Program, Student Ambassador/Greeter

Favorite Classes:

Principles of Engineering, Adv. Chemistry I and II, and Latin

Why I Chose BC:

While my parents chose BC for me (when I was very young), I have decided to stay at BC because of the community. I appreciate how much the teachers care about their students and how much the students want to see their classmates succeed.

My BC is...

limitless. I have had the opportunity to build a mini-house in my physics class, read Latin in Rome, and research a topic of my choice as a part of the Senior Scholars Program. No matter what you enjoy studying, BC can help you explore that interest even more, while also providing you a good foundation in other subjects (humanities, languages, STEM, etc).