Brooklyn private independent school

Harry '21

Joined BC in...

Grade 9 from the City and Country School


Environmental Club (co-president), Theater, Track, Equity and Student Culture Council, Student Government Representative

Specialized Academic Programs

Science Research and Design

Favorite Classes

Science (Chemistry in particular), Spanish, Math, and Choir

Why I Chose BC

I chose BC because I was drawn to the choice and autonomy I would have at BC, in every grade you have some aspect of choosing elective courses that aren't just extracurricular or arts classes. I thought that if I could choose classes I would really feel passionate about it would amplify my learning and passion for learning. I also liked that BC really cares for its students and wants the best for them, not only academically, but socially as well.

My BC is...

caring. I feel like everyone in this school, students and teachers, in some way care for me. My teachers of course care for my learning, but they also care about how I am doing outside of a school setting (and not just my advisors), and understand that we are all people outside of school and school doesn't define our life. I also think BC is caring in the way the school really does want the best for its students, even when that may mean admitting when there areas the school needs to improve upon.