Brooklyn private independent school

Graeme '22

Joined BC in...


Activities and Programs:

Tennis, Soccer, Tanzania, HMI.

Favorite Classes:

Science and Athletics

Why I Chose BC:

I can't say why I chose to go to BC because I couldn't think for myself back then, but when I asked my parents they said that they knew BC as an open and welcoming school that was really good at promoting good education. The teachers were all very nice, and always make sure to go out of their way to help the parents and the kids have their best possible BC experience.

My BC is...

warm, and an open school to everyone. My BC is a school where anyone, regardless of grade or other factors, can walk up to one another and ask for help, or just converse with each other. I've noticed throughout the many years I've been at BC that no matter how small help you need, the teachers and fellow students are always willing to help to the best of their ability.