Brooklyn private independent school

Grace '22

Joined BC in...


Activities and Programs:

Soccer, Basketball, Girls to Women (Co-leader)

Favorite Classes:

English and Math

Why I Chose BC:

I started at BC when I was young because it was where my older brother went. As I got older, I stayed at the school because I felt like it was an environment that I could successfully learn and grow in, with teachers that truly cared about my education.

My BC is...

kind. I remember one day early in my freshman year, my grade had all gone on a field trip. We were going back to school on the subway, and one classmate was getting off early to go home. As he got off the train, one person said goodbye to him, then another, and soon enough the whole train was shouting "goodbye!" and "see you tomorrow!" to him as he stepped onto the platform. This small moment made me think about the kindness we show to each other at BC.