Brooklyn private independent school

Caleb '21

Joined BC in...

6th grade for P.S 321


Political Club, Volleyball, Soccer, Joint Alliance for Diversity Awareness (JADA), Extreme Sports Club

Specialized Academic Programs

Science Research and Design

Favorite Classes

History and SRD

Why I Chose BC

I chose to come to BC because of the sense of community and the responsibility that students receive here. The small class size and attention to all students really make it a welcoming community, and the way that BC gives students a choice in how they use their flex periods and what classes they take offers some independence.

My BC is...

inclusive. I came to the school in the 6th grade (a year later than many kids in my grade who came in middle school) so I was very nervous that I would have trouble making my transition from my old school. However, all my peers were so nice and made me feel at home right away.