Brooklyn private independent school

Brandon '21

Joined BC in...

Grade 7 from Lenox Academy


Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Cooking, Food, and Culture Club, Photography and Videography

Favorite Classes

Math and Science

Why I Chose BC

I chose BC because of the community and network that it creates among the students and teachers through all the grades. Everyone here is welcoming and open to different ideas and people and our relationships allow us to grow together as a school and be there for one another.

My BC is...

eye-opening. Here at BC, my closest friends have opened my eyes in allowing me to set myself up for success. Due to our exposure to Spring Intensives, co-curriculars, and the math curriculum, we were able to explore our interests in entrepreneurship. We implemented our knowledge of the sneaker industry, and learned how to explore all aspects of that industry and what it means to build an entrepreneurial business. BC has allowed me to visit Costa Rica and travel around NY to visit places I didn’t even know were here. This community has changed my life forever and I know it is for the better.