Brooklyn private independent school

Billie '21

Joined BC in...

9th grade from VCS

Activities and Programs:

The Oxbow School, Volleyball, Basketball Manager, Strength in Numbers, Art Squad, Creative Writing Club, Friends with Mikey, Student Ambassador, Speech and Debate

Favorite Classes:

Teenage Riot and Voice and Style

Why I Chose BC:

I was really inspired by the relationships among students in different grades. When I visited, everyone was interacting and talking with one another and I immediately knew I wanted to be part of the community. Everyone was really confident and expressive of who they truly were.

My BC is...

prosperous. I have experienced so much growth during my time at BC. The junior year course AmStud taught me so much about the world and I really learned how to engage in conversation. The structure in the first two years of high school is really helpful for adjusting and by senior year there is so much more freedom to do what you want to do. At BC I have learned so many things about myself, including my love for art and writing, that will be of value to me for the rest of my life.