Brooklyn private independent school

Ashley '21

Joined BC in...



Leader of Jewish Culture Club, Varsity Soccer, School Culture and Equity Council

Favorite Classes

Spanish, French, History, Photography

Why I Chose BC

My parents chose BC because they liked the warm and welcoming community and the fact that the school showed interest, not only in me as a student, but also in my family as a whole. My parents wanted a school that could carry me through 12th grade, so the strong and diverse academic program really appealed to them. In my eleven years here, I’ve never once questioned my parent’s decision

My BC is...

exceptional. BC challenges all students to be the best version of themselves, academically, socially, and emotionally. This is only possible through the close knit network of teachers, faculty, and students. I have grown up with this supportive and accepting community that has allowed me to be my true self and excel in academic and personal development.