Brooklyn private independent school

Annika '22

Joined BC in...

6th grade from International School of Brooklyn

Activities and Programs:

Tanzania, Girls Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Basketball, Philosophy Club, Student Ambassador/Greeter, Best Buddies, Choir, Science Research and Design

Favorite Classes:

Spanish, History, Ceramics, Science Research and Design, Math, and Chemistry

Why I Chose BC:

I chose to come to BC because of the community. When I toured the school, BC truly felt like such a happy, welcoming, and enjoyable place to attend school, and the middle school teachers seemed to genuinely care about students. It's also great living a mile away, walking distance, from the school

My BC is...

entertaining. It is a safe space where I get to go and engage in different activities and learn about different things with my closest friends. Having the opportunity to speak Spanish every day, go to Tanzania, play on the sports team, create sculptures in ceramics class, and learn about history, has kept me happy and sane.