Brooklyn private independent school

Aidan '21

Joined BC in...

Grade 5 from Sewickley Academy


Theater, Speech and Debate, Chamber Choir, Wind Ensemble

Favorite Classes

Speech, science, history

Why I Chose BC

I chose BC because I knew from my tour that Berkeley Carroll was a place that was always evolving to accommodate its students. Every year, new facilities, perspectives, and teachers are brought into our community that continue to enhance our experience and help us grow as learners. Whether it’s the new performance space, science wing or beta lab, there is always a new resource I can draw on in the fall of a new school year.

My BC is...

individualized. With all the opportunities available to the student body, each student can pursue their personal passions with the total support of the faculty. On top of my academic classes, I have been fortunate enough to take three different performing arts classes. While this has not been possible for students in the past, our speech coach created an independent study that worked with my schedule so that I could continue to compete in dramatic and humorous competitive events. Now, not only do I take all the arts I want to, but I have individualized attention in one of my favorite classes.