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Financial Aid

Berkeley Carroll is a creative and inclusive community where devoted teachers challenge and engage talented students from diverse cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious experiences and backgrounds.

As part of our commitment to this diversity, Berkeley Carroll provides need-based financial assistance for students from PreK 4 through 12th Grade. Financial Aid at Berkeley Carroll covers not only tuition but also many ancillary activities. Approximately 25% of our students receive financial aid awards.

The degree of need is determined by a combined analysis of the TADS (Tuition and Data Services) application and the family’s most recent federal income tax return, with any additional supporting documentation.

We encourage all interested families with children entering Pre-K 4 through grade 12 to apply for financial aid. Every application for financial assistance is given individual attention and handled with complete confidentiality.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Student Accounts and Financial Aid Coordinator with any questions. Her contact info is below:

Vanessa Gallop
Student Accounts and FA Coordinator


  • Berkeley Carroll encourages all prospective families who believe that they may need financial assistance to apply for aid. Please indicate your intention to apply for financial assistance on your online admissions application.
  • Applying for Financial Aid will not prejudice an application for Admissions. Admissions decisions are made independently of decisions made by the Financial Aid Committee.
  • The school expects all families applying for financial aid to be forthcoming with financial information and keep all award decisions confidential.
  • Awards will not be considered unless complete financial information is received from all custodial and non-custodial parents.
  • TADS factors in reasonable considerations when making its award recommendation. These include but are not limited to: cost of living, family size, home equity, additional income, payments to retirement plans, discretionary spending, medical expenses, care of an elderly family member, etc.
  • The school requires families to upload all income tax forms; 1040 and all schedules, W-2s or 1099s and provide the school with a 4506T each year.
  • Business owners, including owners of rental properties are required to submit copies of business tax returns with all supporting schedules including, if applicable, schedule C attachment for form 1040, form 1065, 1120s or K-1
  • If a parent with children over the age of six chooses not to work, the school will assign a salary for that parent for the purposes of award calculation. If the parent is not working due to extenuating circumstances, supporting documentation explaining the situation must be submitted to TADS.
  • When determining a family’s estimated household contribution to education, TADS also takes in to consideration the total number of children in a tuition charging school. Berkeley Carroll cannot subsidize tuition associated with other schools and requires that the family apply for aid at the other school as well.
  • TADS does not factor in college tuition when calculating a family’s need for families with college attending children.
  • If a family already has a full paying child at the school but do not have the resources for a second child, the family may apply for financial aid for both children when submitting the application for the newly enrolling student.
  • Families must apply for aid each year and awards are made based on the current year's financial picture. Although financial aid is never guaranteed year to year, the school is confident that should a family's financial situation remain consistent, the school support will remain consistent as well.
  • In planning for future years, it is important to remember that tuition increases every year, and even if the percentage of aid remains consistent for families, it is entirely possible that the expected contribution will increase as well. Please note that students who receive aid must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress and responsible citizenship each year.
  • Tuition accounts for current students must be in good standing to receive a financial aid award for the upcoming school year. In the event of a change in financial circumstances, families receiving aid are expected to notify the Student Accounts and FA Coordinator immediately.
  • Financial Aid determinations are included on the Enrollment and Re-Enrollment contracts. Should the school not be able to meet the financial aid request, the family will be notified and the student will be put on the financial aid waitlist in hopes that funds will become available.
  • Late or incomplete applications at dates of deadline will only be reviewed if there is still funding available
  • When a student enrolls at Berkeley Carroll as a full paying student, it is the school’s expectation that the family will not apply for financial aid within their first two years of enrollment. Exceptions may be made when there is demonstration of significant change in a family’s financial circumstances.
  • While there is no obligation to repay a financial aid grant, the school hopes that all families, regardless of financial status, will make an effort to contribute to the Berkeley Carroll Annual fund to assist the school in awarding ancillary financial aid to all students in need.

Financial Aid Application Deadlines

Availability of FA Application with TADS:
September 1, 2018

Deadline for Current Berkeley Carroll Families:
December 1, 2018

Deadline for New Families:
December 17, 2018

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