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Financial Aid

As part of our commitment to fostering a diverse inclusive community, Berkeley Carroll provides need-based financial assistance to students in PreK4 through 12th Grade. For the 2023–2024 academic year, Berkeley Carroll awarded over $9.8 million in aid to 24% of the student body, with an average award of $ 40,200.00 per student. Financial assistance extends beyond tuition, as those who qualify for tuition assistance are also given proportionate financial assistance for non-tuition-related items outlined below.

Decisions are made by the Financial Aid Committee based on demonstrated need and the availability of funds. The Financial Aid Committee keeps all financial information confidential and makes awards regardless of race, color, sex, religion, creed, gender expression, national origin, ethnic group, or disability. The amount of aid given to families ranges from partial to almost full tuition assistance, and families from a wide range of income levels have qualified based on individual family circumstances.

Families must apply for aid each year as renewal is not automatic or guaranteed. Every year there is more demand for aid than funds available, so it’s important for all families, both new and returning, to meet submission deadlines.

Generally, if a family demonstrates a consistent financial situation from year to year the school’s support will remain consistent as well. Due to the individual consideration of each application, families receiving financial aid are expected to keep their aid package details confidential.

Our school uses a combined analysis of the SSS/Tuition and Data Services (TADS) application, the current year’s federal income tax return, and supporting documentation to determine financial need. Every application for financial assistance is given individual attention and handled with confidentiality.

How to Apply

1. Check the financial aid box on your application for admission. Applying for financial aid will not prejudice an application. Admissions decisions are made independently of decisions made by the Financial Aid Committee.

2. Download our guidelines and tips for applying for aid and complete the online process on the SSS/TADS family portal.

  • Submit Parent Financial Statement (PFS); the online form at the Family Portal
  • Upload 2022: 1099, 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ
  • Self-Employed Parents: Include all related 2022 business forms with your 1040 file (i.e., Schedule C, Schedule E, 1120, 1065, and K-1)
  • 2022 W2 Form
  • Recent 2023 Pay stub or profit and loss statement for business showing an increase or decrease in income
  • Recent 2023 Bank Statement to support the values listed on the PFS
  • If needed, a letter explaining any family situation you felt was too unique to be captured correctly by the online application

All required documents must be uploaded or mailed directly to SSS/TADS. For help uploading documents or sending documents to SSS/TADS, email or call (800)344-8328.

SSS/TADS evaluates a family’s contribution to tuition using factors on their PFS such as income, cost of living, family size, liquid assets, business income, payments to retirement plans, discretionary spending, medical expenses, child support, housing, etc. If children are of school age and a parent/guardian does not work by choice, through SSS/TADS, the Financial Aid Committee considers their earning potential. The SSS/TADS formula also makes considerations for parents or guardians who are nearing retirement age, families who have young children, or parents/guardians or who are financially responsible for elderly family members. SSS/TADS accounts for siblings enrolled in tuition-charging schools, but Berkeley Carroll requires a family to apply for aid at the other school(s) as well.


Please contact the Manager of Student Accounts and Financial Aid with questions you have about our Financial Aid process.

Key Deadlines for 2024-2025 Academic Year

I.  Submit the online TADS/SSS application:
December 1st (Returning Students) and
December 15th (New Students)

Berkeley Carroll requires all parents, including custodial and non-custodial parents, to submit an application. Please contact the Manager of Student Accounts and Financial Aid with questions. 

If you applied for financial aid last year, log into the Family Portal as a Returning Family using your same email address and password. If applying for the first time, please create an account with your email address and a password.

II. Submit 2022 federal tax return & any supporting documentation:
December 1st (Returning Students) and
December 15th (New Students)

In the “Required Documents” section, use the Upload button or link associated with the specific document type. Follow prompts to locate, select, and confirm the file to upload. 

Make sure each specific form is saved as a separate file. Examples: a) 1 PDF file for the 1040 with all schedules and worksheets included, b) each W2 saved as its own file. Remove any security or password protection from your files. 

Support Beyond Tuition

Tuition at Berkeley Carroll includes many program costs that aren’t covered at other schools. Because we recognize there may be additional costs associated with attending school, financial assistance can extend to these areas for students receiving financial aid:


  • Application Fee Waivers

Program Support

  • Musical instruments
  • Home internet access and devices for home use
  • Food stipends and reimbursements for items needed for school field trips

Tutoring and Educational & Psychological Evaluations

  • Required testing and evaluation
  • Recommended occupational, speech and psychological counseling
  • Recommended tutoring and remediation

School Trips

  • Athletic-related travel support
  • Global education trip support

College Prep

  • College Board exam fee assistance and waivers
  • SAT/ACT on-campus prep courses fee assistance
  • College tours support
  • Special Events

Special Events

  • Discounted auction tickets
  • Events sponsored by Parents Association
  • Assistance with the purchase of books at the Lower School Book Fair
  • Support for yearbook ads and prom tickets

Financial Aid Application Deadlines

Availability of FA Application with SSS/TADS:
September 1

Deadline for Current Berkeley Carroll Families:
December 1

Deadline for New Families:
December 15

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