Brooklyn private independent school

Tess S. '11, Cornell '15

Note: The video above was created in 2015; the update below was written in 2013.

Now that I am in my sophomore year at Cornell University, I have declared natural resources major with a concentration in water and sustainability. I'm minoring in Africana studies (history, culture, language) and developmental sociology.

This summer I'll be going to Tanzania for a month to do a summer study abroad program with The School for Field Studies. I'll be staying in the Tarangire-Manyara area of northern Tanzania studying wildlife management and field biology. I'll be involved with fieldwork, which will include taking care of the areas that serve as habitats for wildlife species such as lions, gazelles and zebras. I will also be traveling to different ecosystems to learn about what's going on in the environment and what issues need to be fixed. I'm hoping that during the days where we go into the local areas that I'll be able to practice some Swahili (I took a Swahili course this past semester!).

Majoring in natural resources and minoring in Africana studies stemmed directly from my time at Berkeley Carroll. The summer before my senior year, I went on the first Berkeley Carroll program to Oloika, Shompole in Kenya. When I returned, I knew that I had found something that I was interested in -- an area of study that I could pursue further even after leaving BC and a culture that I was truly fascinated by. Berkeley Carroll definitely prepared me mentally and academically to take on these interests at a college level.