Brooklyn private independent school

Garrett C. '16 Dartmouth '20

One of the things I found special about Berkeley Carroll was that the school encouraged you to find and follow your passion. Berkeley Carroll offers so many extracurriculars and sports on top a wide range of classes and for me those passions were playing music and swimming. I was lucky enough to be captain of the swim team and played an instrument from 5th grade on and Berkeley Carroll was always willing to find a way to make sure I could fit those activities into my schedule.

Berkeley Carroll also supported me in finding my voice. My senior year I was the president of POC, the black affinity group on campus. Not only did that leadership position put me in a place to talk about what I was passionate about it, but it also pushed me to take risks in what I was talking about. At my time at Berkeley Carroll I’ve always been taught to have respect for others, and that lesson was something that helped me have positive conversations about race and other topics in POC.

Berkeley Carroll’s mission to create critical, ethical and global thinkers is something I felt firsthand during my time at the school. During classes, teachers push you to dive deep into a topic and really think about an issue. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Kenya in 9th grade and gain a whole new perspective on the world. And the level of respect that exists in every single person at Berkeley Carroll allows it so everyone can feel like their voice is heard. My Berkeley Carroll education was a great way to really hone three skills that are appreciated and valued anywhere in this world, and I couldn’t imagine learning them anywhere else.