Brooklyn private independent school

Adam K. '12, Tufts '16

After completing my first semester at Tufts University, I plan on majoring in political science with a minor in philosophy. I am also currently serving as a senator for the class of 2016 as well as the assistant treasurer of the student body.

My time at Berkeley Carroll helped put me on this path. My love for politics, both in academics and extracurriculars, stems from what I experienced Berkeley Carroll. Serving on student government for four years was a joy, something that I knew I wanted to continue at the collegiate level. It was not until my AP US History class with Dr. Pollock that I discovered my passion for politics. Studying how one policy decision changed the course of history was something I knew I wanted to dig deeper into.

Even as the challenges of freshman year hit me, I was confident the academic base Berkeley Carroll provided me would allow me to land on my feet. I am thankful for the positive learning environment the faculty created, which always allows students to foster their ideas and ask necessary questions.