Brooklyn private independent school

Science Research and Design

The goal of this course is for students to experience scientific research as scientists do. It is challenging because there is no right answer — teachers guide and brainstorm with students as facilitators, but students quickly head into uncharted waters and learn how to guide themselves. Most of the work is done outside of class — students learn how to pace themselves and work efficiently to continue to produce results.

Along the way, students will learn read and analyze scientific articles, design an experiment, ask good experimental questions, operationalize variables, gather data, analyze results and draw conclusions. They will also deliver presentations on their research and eventually either look for external mentors with whom they can develop their own research ideas into original scientific projects or design and carry out their own in-house, independent research. The results of this work are published in Berkeley Carroll's science journal at the end of the students' senior year.

Courses like Science Research and Design (SRD) can be the most rewarding of a secondary school career. They allow students to create something lasting and original.

Read a Wall Street Journal article on one of our students using Crispr gene-editing technology for his SRD project.