Brooklyn private independent school

Science Research and Design

In this unique, three-year sequence, students learn to create their own research questions and perform original science research. Unlike similar research programs, BC's Science Research and Design program (SRD) encourages students to conduct research on campus using our newly renovated and state of the art research facilities. This allows students to take full ownership of their work and become experts in their field. During their three years in SRD, students read and analyze peer reviewed literature, verify published experimental results, and design, conduct, and present the results of their own original science research. Upon completion, they are informed scientists  --  independently motivated, highly collaborative, and well-prepared to pursue STEM degrees in college. BC's SRD program inspires students to be critical thinkers who advocate for ethical, evidence-based science that guides collective knowledge and global action. In short, they learn to become creators of knowledge, agents of scientific progress, and advocates of change.

Class of 2023 Research