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High School Students During Math Class - The Berkeley Carroll

The Upper School mathematics program at Berkeley Carroll strives to develop life-long problem-solvers who approach math problems, unfamiliar and familiar, with confidence and perseverance. Students ask why and are pushed to discover mathematical concepts, with help from their teachers, through deductive proofs and experiments. Critical and analytic thinking demands a solid foundation of logic and reasoning, which students practice by regularly explaining and justifying their conclusions.

From geometry through calculus, our math classes have on-level and advanced options, and students’ placement is evaluated each year. Our most advanced students complete calculus by the end of junior year, most complete calculus by the end of senior year, and it is possible for junior or seniors to take two math classes if they wish.

The members of the Upper School math team participate in wide variety of competitions each year, allowing our most interested and committed math students the opportunity for city, state, or national recognition.