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The Upper School History Department at Berkeley Carroll provides a wide-ranging curriculum that centers on critical analysis, historiography, and inquiry. As emerging historians, our students develop causal reasoning skills, understand change over time, and hone source evaluation skills through the study of history. We help students better understand the present and improve the future as critical, ethical, and global thinkers.

Students will learn to ask:

  1. How did we get here? We want students to understand the relevance of history in their own lives, because the past shapes their experiences as teenagers in today’s world.
  2. How do others experience the world? We also want our students to develop historical empathy. As much as possible, it is important to try to understand how people very different from ourselves experienced the past. Some people are much better represented in the historical record than others, so we must work to counteract the tendency to assume that the loudest voices were the most important. We should also look for who is left out: whose voices aren’t we hearing?
  3. How can I help create a more just future? Finally, we want our students to grapple with an uncertain future that depends on the choices and actions of the people in the present. By studying history as contingent rather than predetermined, students will feel empowered to help create the future they wish to inhabit.


Course Catalog

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

*11th grade students who want to take an additional course in the humanities may have the opportunity to choose from the English and history departments’ 10th and 12th grade elective offerings.

12th Grade