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The Upper School English Department at Berkeley Carroll aspires to raise students into confident and curious citizens whose reading, writing, and speaking skills will, in the words of our mission statement, prepare them "for success in college and for the greater endeavor -- a life of critical, ethical, and global thinking."

Over their four years, students read a wide array of novels, plays, essays, stories, and poems with the goal that they will develop their own tastes, a lifelong love of reading, and deeper insights into the human experience. Ninth graders gain core reading and writing skills while studying coming-of-age literature and the Hero's Journey, and eleventh graders explore American history, culture, literature, and politics in our interdisciplinary American Studies course co-taught with the History department. Tenth and twelfth graders, meanwhile, choose from a variety of semester electives designed with particular student interests in mind. All four years prize depth over breadth and cultivate students' increasing powers of abstraction and analysis.

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

*11th grade students who want to take an additional course in the humanities may have the opportunity to choose from the English and history departments’ 10th and 12th grade elective offerings.

12th Grade